Never had an ordinary day
Never lived your life in an ordinary way
For everything you loved you paid a price
But you couldnít let the world see you cry

Never had a moment of peace
Never felt the sunlight
When the worries set you free
Every time your life turned a page
It seemed like your heart might break

With the world on your shoulders
When the nights had grown colder
You seemed to weather every storm
With a queenís grace
When you lost your husband
When you buried your children
Iím sure the angels stood in reverence as you prayed
How much can on heart take

Never had a day to call your own
When so many needed your warm heart as a home
Whispering a motherís lullaby
As you sat alone by the fire

And iím sure your heart breaks, when some people still say
Somewhere down the line you lost your faith
How much can one heart take
How much can one heart take

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